Central Research Institute for Complex Use of Water Resources. Minsk, Slavinskogo str., 1/2. Priority areas for action: Developing the conceptual foundations of forecasting, planning, regulation, management and control over the use and protection of waters, in Vol. H. In extreme conditions. Provide scientific and technical progress in the field of efficient use and protection of water resources. Justification of water management measures, taking into account the need for water resources management and conservation of aquatic ecosystems, the prevention of harmful effects of water. Coordination of work, compilation and analysis of materials for the State Water Cadastre (SWC), methodical, software and hardware reference GVK, information support organizations concerned data on the fence, and water consumption, wastewater quality and wastewater obmeninformatsiey on transboundary waters. The scientific and methodological support, development schemes and projects of water protection zones and coastal strips of rivers and reservoirs, zones of sanitary protection of surface and underground water intakes. Environmental audit in Hydro. Development of advanced technologies and equipment Water treatment. Development of technologies for production of new types of beverages and infusions based on natural minerals. Development of scientific and methodical bases of a complex estimation of recreational natural potential of water bodies.

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